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Bg wrote:from your crossing? How'd it go?

That's next Saturday. I've just pulled a 60 hour week of hard labour on a landscaping project just round the corner from Conway.
Don't like landscaping. Mud, more mud, everything weighs a ton, cave ins, rain, more fucking mud, young labourers dropping like flies because it seems no real men were born after 1965. Did I mention rain? And mud?
And now I'm sunburned as well.
Slowy wrote:GODDAMMIT!!!
Only just saw this. Just got home and I'm way too knackered to drag my Awesome Random Samick Experience out again.
Surf on Kelpers! Catch you next time.

Good news is you can still buy the tee shirt !
Quite a night . Rather feral crowd. Someone managed to vomit on the dance floor. One patron offloaded half of his jug of beer onto my pedals then bought us a round of sambuca :sick:
The girls were out in force earlier with some great ...talent ..particularly by helping the band shake their tamborine. But due to the proximity to the cricket it quickly became a drunken sausage fest
Painfully loud, my fingers feel like they have had a good surf guitaring ( harvester goldthwait and matching headstock IMB yamano jazz master were the flavour of the day for me) . Sound guy ensured that Ben's Duesenberg proved near fatal via incredible munted fold back levels. Good times.
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