Lets all drool over your stuff :)

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BY Marshmallow
sirvill wrote:Le Board, redone and finalised (hah!).


Dunlop 535Q Wah -> Moen GEC9 -> Amp. In Moen we have (Tuner out- Boss TU3) -> Silverpistol Effects Damn and Blast Compressor/OD -> EHX Pitchfork -> Keeley Modded TS-9DX -> Silverpistol Sirius Fuzz -> TC Electronic Helix -> Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus -> Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail -> Strymon Flint. Custom cable for switching channels on a 90's Rivera Knucklehead via TS jacks too.

Pedaltrain PT-Pro, powered by a TruTone CS12 powersupply.

nice how's the GEC9? noisy? quiet? and the buffer? haha
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BY sirvill
No noise whatsoever! I guess the buffer is good, I plug into the BUF IN and I like my tone. Been meaning to A/B the two inputs actually.
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