Lets all drool over your stuff :)

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BY Mattallica
Haven't bought a pedal in a while and this happens to be on sale. Simple purchase for a Sabbath fan really!

Well presented, looks cool and feels solid. H & L knobs have a center detent which some may consider useful. Switch modes are "Mid" "Flat"(Full) and "Hi"

TI Boost 1.jpg

TI Boost 2.jpg

TI Boost 3.jpg
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BY Clanger
Mattallica wrote:
Clanger wrote:Mmmm, cool. Love anything to do with Mr. Iommi. :thumbup:

You should treat yo'self!

I'd love one. Already have a compressor (Strymon OB.1), but yeah, just for the sake of having it :)

I like the knobs on it.