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BY Kloppsta
It only took 6 months but here is the second installment of music from my band "Lucky Last" featuring forum members Nik (Zaulkin) and yours truly.

There are 3 more songs in the works. Drums and scratch guitars are recorded. Its now just a matter of finding the time to work on them.

This song started life as an acoustic ditty I wrote in DADGAD many moons ago and turned into something Country-esque thanks to Nik's complimentary playing.

This is the first mix, subject to change after feedback from the other band members. :)

BTW - we are in need of a bassist now since ours moved up north. We practice on the shore maybe once a month, super casual. All got busy lives. Get in touch if you are interested.

Anyway, here is the song. Would love to hear your collective thoughts and feedback! :)


Craig Klopper - Vocals, acoustic guitars, bass and synths
Nik Dobbin - Electric guitar
Matthew Jackson - Drums
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BY shinenz
This is pretty cool. Kinda reminded me of blind melon a bit. Nobody likes criticism and I don't think this is one just a preference .... acoustic lead similar to days of the new would have suited this track.