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BY Frey
Hey so as some of you may remember, I bought a fender japan jazzmaster.

The question today is whether the trem is meant to go down only or also be able to bend up.

My one only goes down but the johnny marr jag I was lucky enough to try at the rock shop went up a bit too.

I think this is important because I like to think vibrato'd chords sort of have a centre to them, a centre of gravity. So I don't want to just to down bends, but also jiggle chords up and down.

Anyone know the deal here?

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It should go up and down. If it won't go up, is it because you have got the button thingie engaged. The idea is that if you break a string, you can slide the button in place, and go back in tune.

There's a really good article on setting the team up properly, I'll try and find it.
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I can't post a link on my phone, but search 'set up jaguar trem' and then click on the offset guitars link.
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BY Frey
Cheers guys. I'll investigate the stopper thingie when I can get it out of storage. (life is a bitch).
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BY sunburster
Make sure the arm is firmly locked in position (thus it cannot fall out), and as others said, the trem lock is disengaged. If your arm is set too far to the top of the plate, it won't adjust upward either, and you'll have to screw it down a bit. The problem with many Japanese trems is if you do this, the arm sits too low and cannot bend down properly. I'd really recommend you get an American trem if you are going to use it often, they are lightyears better in all respects.
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BY Molly
I had to learn about Jag trems too just recently. Engage the lock. Tune to pitch. Adjust the spring tension until the lock just - only just - slides away. Now if you break a string you can engage the lock and you'll be back in tune. And you'll be able to raise and lower the pitch. Beautiful trems I have to say.
BY tubeswell
Molly wrote:... Beautiful trems I have to say.

Indeed they are the smoothest manual vibrato systems ever, and they hold the tuning the best out of any of them (as long as you have the bridge-post screws locked)
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BY StrummersOfThunder
Best thing ever built by man
It will reward you if u stop yanking it like a hand brake and dive and dip like a mermaid. That's what it's made for.
Also the jap springs are a bit...ahem ...lame. Either chock it out with a washer or two or keep and eye on eBay / reverb for a vintage unit. The black hardened steel USA ones make a massive difference. Also spend some time getting to know the mechanism. Lube, Tension, Time and a soft hand is required. Just like the rest of life's mysteries .
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BY Frey
thanks guys, something to look forward to!