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BY GrantB
I'm familiar with that uncomfortableness.
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BY hamo
I find embedding from Flickr painful, so here's a link to the album:

What a day! Highlights for me:

- meeting my first AxeFX up close. Fascinating, and very cool.
- Mal's crazy wah-phase-tortion thing into his amps. That thing was insane. That sound will stay with me for a long time.
- Finally getting to fire up my new Bog Spider, and Tod kindly lending me a 4x12 to put it through. I am beyond happy with that acquisition, and for a song too. Stoked.
- Scooter's new "strat" :lol: So heavy compared to the Charvel, it just oozed quality.
- Having a hoon on Scooter's Flying V through a Bronson into my amp. I want one of each please!
- All the Gibson action, just so many tasty guitars
- Seeing such a good bunch of GCs in one place, and sharing a cheese scone or two. 8)
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Looks like a great time was had there guys!!!
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BY hamo
I have a deal of Silverpistol GAS now too, but it is kind of undefined. So many good tones from so many different rigs, and I don't really know what I want from one into my new amp yet.
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