Self built and self assembly ;)

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BY HackSaw
hmmm works out to around $580 delivered - then need to paint and assemble? what's a Squier CV worth? I reckon that would be easier!
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I had a brief skim of the email, but aren't they ash and alder vs basswood and chinese pine?
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basswood can be great, sorry, just the generic term...
BY Fred
candiman wrote:These guys have some nice kits. Standard prices are a bit steep but some really decent specials or discounted "seconds" come up via the mailing list.

They do seem quite pricey. One can probably get a decent second hand guitar for the price.
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BY Basket Case
Not sure whether they are made by the same people, but I recently bought a replacement neck from Stew Mac for my Mexi P-Bass and it is really good- much better than the originial- even before the truss-rod went bung!