Self built and self assembly ;)

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After lots of dramas this is where I’ve ended up.
After 4 coats with the aerosol can I decided I wasn’t happy with the result. Borrowered Kdawg’s spray rig and bought some more nitro lacquer.
Broke the regulator on Kdawg’s compressor which took me a few days to track down the parts and repaired it for him. Finally with a working compressor the spray gun was giving me issues with patchey spray, ended up having to completely sand the back of the guitar back to wood and restart due to blotches.
At this stage im completely over it but I still need a finished guitar so In frustration went down to bunnings and bought a brand new electric spray gun!
After 2 days I finally have a finish I’m
Happy with!
Now a month long wait before I can final sand and polish but I can tell even now it should come up pretty good!
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Reg18 wrote:At this stage im completely over it...

It can get like that, eh? I find at those times the best thing is to just walk away for a wee while and come back to it when you're in the right frame of mind.
So the finish didn’t end up perfect, a few imperfections here and I thought why not try a bit of lacquer checking!
Not going to do a full relic or anything, but pretty happy with this subtle checking so far!

Stop playing with it right now because that is the dogs bollocks.
That's a great looking job mate. Those mini hums look cool. As does the guard. And good work with the checking .

Speaking of temperatures , my colleagues over here were laughing when I showed them the NZ news headlines with 'temperatures soar into high 20s/30s' . Didn't raise much interest during a 44 degree day that was still around 30 at midnight..