Talk about your Burstbuckers and Seymour Duncans....

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BY hamo
Can anyone tell me anything about Egnater pickups? I'm still tossing up options for a new guitar when I go to the states, and I'm contemplating, among other things, a Washburn SI61 Scott Ian. At US$659 it's at the high end of my price range, but I'm not familiar with these pickups and wondered if anyone had any experience with them?
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BY Basket Case
Ive never heard of Egnater pickups. The Scott Ian's have Seymour Duncans in them don't they???
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BY hamo
Not this one apparently. On the Sam Ash shop it refers to Egnater pups:

But I've also just noticed on the Washburn site it refers to Randall pups.

Either way, I can't seem to find much info on them.
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BY robnobcorncob
Samash, music 123, musicians freind etc... are notorious for having inaccurate product descriptions which might explain something?

Engater make amps, Bruce Egnater designed the module technology in use on the Randall Modular amps. Egnater amps have similar capabilities, i'm not sure if Engater's modules are compatbile with Randall's though... I had no idea they made pickups. Likely a typo IMHO.