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BY Reg18
After doing some research apparently this modded VP
Has had some sort of wax potting (according to a YouTube demo I watched) which begs the question.
Is there some very simple solution to the infamous string snapping VPJR? Like coating it in some flexible super glue or something?
Anyone experimented with coatings for strings to make them more durable?
Would wax potting a string actually make it less prone to snapping?

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BY jeremyb
I would have thought it would have slipped more easily if it was waxed, replacing it with a kevlar string would be the trick to do, having owned a VP JR and having had to change the string it's a painful procedure, would likely not buy one again!
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BY Reg18
I’ve had my VPJR around 8 years and I’ve replaced the string twice. Still like the action/feel of it so was hoping to find a way to make it more reliable.