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BY GrantB
I went and watched Wilco perform last night at the Civic in Auckland.




Insane guitar madness throughout the night. The lead guitarist (I don't know the names) was absolutely sublime in playing. Accurate and on purpose with every note. His Jazzmaster produced the best tones of the night. Played through some American sounding custom thing. The other gat player used a Tele through Mesa's and altho he could play amazingly the Mesa's seemed tonally out of place. Still, in the big canvas of it all, it worked.

JEff played an SG (two) for most songs or an acoustic (various). Big think tones from the SG which looked to be mid 60's or a medern VOS

Overall, I was blown away with the quality of sound and the shear playing ...seriously inspiring
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BY GrantB
thehenderson wrote:Those guys are tone whores in zoot suits

No shit, Jeff played a Zoot Suit SG :shock:

I'm now motivated to buy a volume pedal (w/bypass) for steel guitar sounds...
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BY smallface
I was blown away last night at the Civic too.
I can't remember the last time I have been so inspired and excited by a band. Not just the musicianship, but the way that all the parts worked together so well.

BY automaton_2
Jenesis wrote:I too enjoy the guitar stylings of Nels Cline.

Yeah the Civic show was great, Wilco are a fine band. They play their songs as opposed to performing their albums (which in my opinion is what a lot of touring acts do).